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Take a peek at the next RBYR-04 parody I'm cooking up!

Early Access: Pizza Girl Vs Malice Duel

After another day of hustling Pizza Girl encounters an aggressive driver on the highway who challenges her to a race.

Box Boy and his Blue Ogre STI return to the Hustleverse... complete with oil leakage and blown head gaskets!

Burrito Boy and Puck find themselves in a real spooky scenario!

Pizza Girl Ride Along 2 // Max Hustle

Hanging with Pizza Girl, after hours.

Pizza Hustle Ride Along!

Pizza Girl is a mild-mannered pizza delivery driver who makes ends meet darting across the dankiest locales in Neo-Angeles City slinging pies in her custom '03 Evo 8 Ball. She lives for the hustle and will not settle for tips under 20%.

Pizza Girl is part of my ongoing concept project Max Hustle.

(+18) More Sugoi Storytimers - Burrito Nation

Burrito Boy and Puck begin their arduous journey of raising money for the new Burrito Computer... First by filming and uploading extremely relatable content that will be guaranteed to jack ad revenue from the YeaTubbs.

Welcome to Burrito Nation!

Sugoi (すごい) - a Japanese word used to express when something is amazing, wonderful, great, excellent, superb, or fabulous.

MUCHO SUGOI (すごい) - a phrase used to express when something is so amazing, it requires you capitalize on it internationally.


"My name's @mattyburrito and I want to thank you for checking out my art and hitting up this store where you can cop my super official, good quality merchandise!

All creator-owned!"