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Limited Edition - Pizza Hustle Jacket

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Only limited quantities available for sale!


Tales of a legendary pizza girl echo across the college campuses of Neo-Angeles City. Whether it’s a Triple Pineapple Hawaiian or a Meat Lover's Special you can guarantee your pie will arrive on time, accompanied by the rowdy rumble of an ‘04 Evo VIII.

"We're launching Burrito Nation's first bonafide Apparel Campaign with the PIZZA HUSTLE JACKET based on Pizza Girl! We've designed this slick polyester driving jacket for your weekly hustle. Stylish, lightweight, waterproof, and complete with an embroidered patch! Capturing the style and flare of the Hustle Series's Pizza Girl, you can guarantee this perfectly insulated, artist-owned jacket will turn heads and look snazzy on you while you're out on the grind!" -Matty

Our Pizza Girl Jacket campaign will be going on from 7/1 - 8/1 Once the campaign is fulfilled it will take about 10 days to make the jackets. Orders will be shipped out by the 2nd half of August and delivered to doorsteps just in time for the Fall season!


MATERIAL - 100% waterproof Polyester



XS 36"
S 38"
M 40"
L 42"
XL 43"
XXL 48"


All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by August 1st 2021 9:00 PM PDT.

  If we cannot fund 100 jackets by the deadline, all participant's pre-order payments will be refunded immediately!